READMEFIRST : About and Technical Downlaods

This folder contains a provisional collection of technical materials relevant to my efforts at understanding and restoring Bluegrass Woodlands. They will gradually be worked into more user-friendly educational formats as well as hard-core research-oriented proposals and papers. The documents are mostly set up to print with half-inch (0.5 inch) margins.

These files will be updated at least annually; for special questions and interaction on updates please contact me: Julian Campbell; (859) 271-4392; cell 229-711; (do not rely on email).

3525 Willowood Road, Lexington, KY 40517; come and visit the regenerating wilderness garden!

Files are in PDF format for more efficient viewing.

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PLANTS FOR SALE : sale of cane, roughleaf dogwood, blue ash; restoration services offered.

03=Towards a Textbook: “The Land of Cane and Clover” revisited.

04=Textbook Charts [landscape]: illustrating ecological gradients and associated dynamic concepts.

05=Botanical Appendices: classifying species into ca. 30 functional groups and ca. 20 broad taxonomic groups.

06=Central Ohio Valley History: 115 pages of quotes from observers of original woodland; plus interpretation.

Julian Campbell's:
(a) recent resume; AND
(b) historical curriculum vitae.

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08=Species Lists for central Bluegrass (including Griffith Woods); suggesting priorities for restoration.

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09=Bluegrass Woodland Presentation: includes miscellaneous images

10=Bourbon County History Poster: showing deforestation of the county from 1780s to 1860s.

11=Ecological Concept Poster: developing the concepts of Vera (2000) into a dynamic model.

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12=Cam pbell, J.J.N.1989. Historical evidence of presettlement forest composition in the Inner Bluegrass of Kentucky. In G. Rink & C.A. Budelsky (eds.). Proceedings of the Seventh Central Hardwood Forest Conference, p. 231-246. North Central Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service.