I can supply the following initial selection of three native species. Negotiable discounts are available for larger orders , in cooperative restoration, or research projects. Call now if you are interested (or others you may know—please forward); especially orders of 25-100 items or more for worthy projects: (859) 229-7711 . For more info on pricing and material (including demonstration of current material and previous plantings), please call; do not rely on email. This is a private venture planned in cooperation with Friends of Griffith Woods ; most of the basic price for the dogwood and ash (minus my delivery and planting) will be transferred to the Friends. In addition, my proceeds will assist with further contributions of funds and work for this site and elsewhere. I am also offering general services for botanical survey, education, planning and restoration .

Roughleaf dogwood ( Cornus drummondii ) : the most useful easily established native large shrub species in the region; an ideal replacement for the invasive Amur bush honeysuckle ( Lonicera maackii ), with blue/white berries relished by birds and nice maroon fall color. An established hedge with 3 foot spacing by my house in Lexington has shown considerable resistance to reinvasion by the honeysuckle. Material can be supplied in pots or burlap at various sizes.

Price: delivered within central Bluegrass = $20 for 2-3 feet tall; $40 for 4-5 feet; $60 for 6-7 feet.

Price: delivered and planted with one year guarantee = $30, $60 and $90, respectively.

Cane ( Arundinaria gigantea ) : dug carefully from sites in the central Bluegrass region. After much trial and error, we now have considerable success using simple well-dug plugs about 6-9 inches deep and across, with one or two stems each, transported and planted with soil intact. Selection of good material and skilled digging is critical; bare-rooting is stressful. Planting plugs at 4 or 8 or 16 feet spacing will allow complete infill (with spreading rhizomes) after about 3-4 or 5-8 or 9-12 years, respectively.

Price: dug and delivered within central Bluegrass (Feb-Apr and Oct-Dec only) = $15 per plug

Price: dug, delivered and planted with one year guarantee = $30 per plug

Blue ash ( Fraxinus quadrangulata ) : limited number available, 2-5 feet tall in pots, grown from seed of the ancient trees at Griffith Woods. These are for plantings by landowners aware of the potential damage from emerald-ash-borer, a serious pest that is about to enter Kentucky and devastate ashes. Blue ash may be only slightly resistant; insecticides will become available, following recommendations of the UK Dept. of Entomology. Only people with long-term interest in restoration and research to preserve the genetic heritage of the Bluegrass Woodlands should inquire. Prices are negotiable.

FOOTNOTE . For technical notes on Bluegrass Woodlands; species at Griffith Woods/elsewhere; species recommended for restoration; and historical material: download from MoonDancer Farm . See also: